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Rationel windows combine the durability of aluminium on the outside with the warmth of timber on the inside, and utilise modern technology to guarantee high functionality, seamless operation, and exquisite design. Using advanced engineering, our Rationel windows also deliver outstanding energy efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and cosy living environment is always maintained.

When paired with either double or triple glazing, these windows not only contribute to reduced energy expenditure but also act as a barrier against any cold external air seeping in, further enhancing thermal comfort. Reliability, sustainability, and functionality are what collectively make our Rationel windows a superior choice.

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AURAPLUS: The Pinnacle of Contemporary Window Solutions

AURAPLUS windows within our Rationel range showcase a harmonious fusion of modern functionality and wonderful sleek design. Characterised by their slender frames, these windows allow ample light to illuminate the room, whilst their high-performance features offer both durability and energy efficiency.

Bespoke to complement diverse architectural projects, our AURAPLUS range utilises the detailed craftsmanship of both timber and aluminium, formed into an elegant design that gives a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any home.

house with aluminium and timber windows
aluminium and timber black window above a bathroom sink

Modern Windows Crafted for Longevity and Style

Our AURAPLUS windows have earned a prestigious reputation for their exceptional longevity and durability. Crafted from a blend of aluminium and timber and available with double or triple glazing options, these windows are robust, weather-resistant, durable, and energy-efficient.

Made from timber, AURAPLUS windows personify clean lines and natural wood-finished beauty, and can be made bespoke to suit any project. We offer them in a wide selection of glazing types, including our OBSCURE panes designed for enhanced privacy. We offer a wide range of glazing options, including acoustic sound control glass, solar control glass, security glass, coloured glass and safety glass.


FORMAPLUS Windows - Reimagining Timeless Design

Our FORMAPLUS range is designed to emulate traditional British architecture. Its design showcases a refined elegance and a timeless yet modern aesthetic, while perfectly complementing country and heritage-style homes and equally blending seamlessly with newer properties. Our FORMAPLUS range windows boast exceptional thermal efficiency, underpinned by a robust construction and a carefully engineered design that guarantees superior durability.

black aluminium and timber flush windows
kitchen with black flush windows

Windows That Embrace Customisation and Versatility

Much like our AURA range, the FORMAPLUS range provides a diverse selection of glazing options tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of each customer. Among these options, our OBSCURE panes offer a variety of privacy glazing choices, ensuring suitability for any room within the home. Customers can also opt for timber or aluminium-clad timber materials, providing versatility in design and function. In addition, a broad spectrum of colour choices is available to accommodate your unique preferences and requirements.


Rationel Windows: key features

Explore the range of impressive features and functions offered by Rationel windows in greater detail below:

High energy efficiency

Rationel windows are designed to be highly energy efficient. They contribute to creating a comfortable environment in any type of home, reducing energy consumption and maintaining warmth.

Bespoke customisation

Each window can be tailored to our customers’ preferences. From colours and glazing to opening and closing functions, Rationel windows are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they perfectly suit individual needs and styles.

Versatile design options

Rationel offers a range of design options suitable for various architectural styles. The traditional range complements British architecture, especially in classic styles, offering a unique detailing that enhances the aesthetics of any home.

Timber excellence

Rationel is manufactured with a solid timber core, providing exceptional thermal and acoustic performance. This choice of material results in windows that naturally insulate and reduce external noise, suitable for both modern and traditional homes.

Sustainable and eco-conscious

Rationel places a strong focus on developing environmentally friendly products. This commitment involves the utilisation of recyclable materials and a dedicated effort to minimise waste wherever possible.

High-quality craftsmanship and longevity

Rational windows are renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity. The meticulous construction process and use of premium materials result in windows that are built to last, providing our customers with reliable and enduring solutions for their homes.



Our Rationel windows are crafted with the utmost expertise and are designed to last for generations. With optimum durability, they can withstand even the harshest south west weather, and the high-performance glazing means that you’ll enjoy warmth for as long as you’re in you home.



U Value

Air Permeability

Water Tightness

Wind Resistance

Doc L Compliant

Doc Q Compliant

Frame Depth

Glass Rebate

Maximum sash size*

Maximum sash height*

Auraplus Rationel Window

Single or dual colour marine quality polyester powder coat externally and painted internally

As low as 0.8 (dependant on specification)

Class 4

Class 9A

Class C4/B4**




Up to 52mm



*maximum sizes are given in isolation and overall maximums are based on a height to width ratio and frame design
** class dependant on style

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers to help guide you through our range of Rationel windows. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, get in touch and our team will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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What colour options do you offer for your Rationel Windows?

At Camel, our Rationel windows come with a choice of a range of colours. They are available in standard RAL colours whilst our AURAPLUS and FORMAPLUS ranges can be ordered with differing interior and exterior standard colours at no additional cost.

What opening mechanisms are available with Rationel windows?

Our windows are all tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. We offer a range of opening styles including fixed-light, top-guided, side-hung, side-guided, fully-reversible, tilt-and-turn, and shaped.

What is the difference with the PLUS products?

Our AURAPLUS and FORMAPLUS products are built with timber frames that feature robust aluminium cladding. They also come with the option to have the interior and exterior two different standard colours at no additional cost.

What are the main defining features of Rationel windows?

Our Rationel windows are renowned for their impressive thermal insulation and energy efficiency, impressive longevity and durability, and modern yet timeless design.

What areas do you cover?

At Camel, we cover the South West of England, including Cornwall and North Devon. With our head office in Wadebridge, we also have showrooms in Redruth, Holsworthy, and Barnstaple. To arrange a visit, contact our team today!

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Sharon and Phil Newcombe

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Gillian Reynolds

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Phil Medlin

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J Anson

I wanted to email and say just how totally impressed I am with Sam and Terry. Matt and his crew were also brilliant on installation day, but Sam and Terry have just raised the bar in terms of customer service, willingness to find a solution and by being incredible ambassadors for Camel Glass. They also have an incredible eye for detail!

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Mr W.G.Howard

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