Liquid Metal Front Entrance Doors

Bespoke Metal And Stone Finishes

Create An Exceptional First Impression With Our Bespoke Liquid Metal & Stone Finished Front Entrance Doors.
Camel Group's Unique Finishes Enable Each Door Or Panel To Be One Of A Kind.

Liquid Metal Front Entrance Doors are designed to your specifications. We Offer a whole range of metal and Stone slate door finishes creating endless design possibilities, make the ultimate statement with these bespoke contemporary metal entrance doors.

Range Of Finishes & STYLES

Our unique liquid metal finishes include Copper, Tin, Brass, Iron, Dark Bronze, Bronze & Gun smoke, furthermore our finishes can be polished textured, antique aged or oxidised for a patina or verdigris finish each door is individually hand crafted & finished, So no two doors are ever the same.

Bronze Pivot Door B-7
Front Entrance Door In Gun smoke Metal
Copper Patina Tessellated Door with Porthole CP-7
Bronze Front Entrance Door B-5
Joinery Workshop


Camel Group manufacture all our unique contemporary entrance doors to your individual size and design requirement. Below we have highlighted some of the most popular designs for you to choose from, but we are delighted to work with clients on specific commissions.
Every door is individually manufactured to your size requirements. With a maximum width of 1200mm and height of 2500mm, although always approach us if you have a requirement outside of these limitations..

Hardware Options

Our designers will create your unique front entrance door according to your requirements for bespoke hardware and  glazing options Call or Contact our designers today!

Camels Entrance Doors are painted with a unique metal active coating so the final crafted design, with its individual markings and differences is what will make your door totally unique.

*Please note that the colours may vary due to the artisan painting & ageing process

Contemporary Iron Metal Finish Entrance Door

Unique Designs

Bespoke Liquid Metal Front Entrance Pivot Door

Watch a short timelapse of the copper patina process.

Patina Copper Liquid Metal Front Entrance Door
Copper patina Liquid Metal entrance door

Standard Door Spec

bronze liquid metal entrance door

Each Door Is Individually Hand Crafted & Finished

Any RAL Coloured Frame

Available In A Bronze, Iron Or Copper Metal Finish

1800 Bar Handle

Butt Hinges

Lead Time Approx 5/6  Weeks


Pivot Doors

Contemporary Front Pivot Entrance Door

We also manufacture Large Pivot doors in any of our unique finishes and also in timber you can find out more about our timber door range here.

Slate Stone Finishes

Our new slate door range makes it possible to have a very thin stone slab surface layer to front doors and panels, making each unique and despite it lightness the coating provides the feel and appearance of a solid stone slab.Each door is individually hand crafted & finished, So no two doors are ever the same.Our Slate stone finishes  can be mixed and matched with our metal finish range.

Translucent Stone Finishes Can be Back lite Creating A Stunning Effect
Stone Entrance Door
Stone Entrance Door

Durable Stable & Sustainable


Maximum Width Of 1200mm And Height of 2500mm

Accoya and Tricoya has been tested over prolonged periods in all types weathering Conditions – above ground, below ground and even in water. Proving to withstand the toughest of external environments. Accoya is made from radiate pine that has been through a mild acid treatment, this process naturally reduces the ability to absorb water and making the timber stronger.

  • Tested to 50 years above ground and 25 years in the ground.
  • Minimal water absorption offers increased stability.
  • Fungal Resistant, indigestible to micro-organisms and insects.
  • Does not warp or twist
  • Naturally more insulating, improved insulation in comparison to commonly used timber.
  • Substainably sourced

Craftsmanship, Quality & Durability

At Camel, we can create unique one off designs and with over 30 years experience not only in timber and glass but windows and doors generally, due to this we have a knowledge and experience to create beautiful designs that are fitted throughout the southwest and beyond.

Bespoke Contemporary Metal Doors Workshop

Order A Sample Box For Only £45

If you would like to see and feel a selection of our metal coatings, why not order one of our Sample boxes? Each box contains our most popular examples of our metal finishes which include Antique Bronze, Antique Gunsmoke, Polished Tin,Brass, Iron & Patina Copper.

*please note samples are sprayed on standard Mdf for viewing purposes only

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