Contemporary Stone Front Entrance Door With Inset Handle

Inspiration Front Entrance Doors

Bespoke Luxury Front Doors

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Luxurious surfaces & textures

Inspiration Doors are painted with a unique metal active coating, the final crafted design with its individual markings and differences will make your door totally unique.

From concept to completion

Ordering an Inspiration Front Entrance door means you are investing in a unique design statement for your home which will reflect your individuality & home.

Our design team will meticulously work with you to perfect your door, to your specifications. working alongside you during every step of the design process to achieve the ultimate front door.

We take great pride in the work we do and create unique beautiful bespoke doors that are both functional & aesthetically pleasing that will integrate seamlessly into your property and stand the test of time.

Front Entrance Door In Oxidised Iron


Based in Cornwall we are only too aware of the need to achieve the highest weather rating and insulation, our doors have been independently
tested to achieve;

Insulation 0.79W/m2

Bronze Front Entrance Door

Create your grand entrance

Doors are a focal point of any property, our comprehensive range of bespoke doors will offer a solution in either a traditional or contemporary building, from a simple door for your home to an elaborate grand entrance.

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Slate Stone Finish Door & Handle

Slate Stone Finishes

Our new slate door range makes it possible to have a very thin stone slab
surface layer to doors and side panels, making each unique, despite its
lightness the coating provides the feel and appearance of a solid stone slab.
Each door is individually hand crafted and finished, therefore no two doors
are the same. Our Slate stone finishes can be mixed and matched with our metal finish range.

Slate Stone Finished Entrance Door

Liquid Metal Finishes

Our unique liquid metal finishes include Copper, Tin, Brass, Iron, Dark Bronze, Bronze & Gun smoke, furthermore our finishes can be polished textured, antique aged or oxidised for a patina or verdigris finish each door is individually hand crafted & finished, So no two doors are ever the same.


Bronze Front Entrance Door
Liquid Metal Front Entrance Doors In Bronze Finish

*Please note that the colours may vary due to the artisan
painting & ageing process.

Front Entrance Door With Raised Panels and Sidelights

Design excellence

Create with us your own exclusive and individual design or pick from our designer door range. We can assist you to achieve your desired appearance, which is then crafted and finished in a surface of your choice.

Durable Stable & Sustainable

Performance with Style

Maximum Width Of 1200mm And Height of 2500mm

Accoya and Tricoya has been tested over prolonged periods in all types weathering Conditions – above ground, below ground and even in water. Proving to withstand the toughest of external environments. Accoya is made from radiate pine that has been through a mild acid treatment, this process naturally reduces the ability to absorb water and making the timber stronger.

  • Tested to 50 years above ground and 25 years in the ground.
  • Minimal water absorption offers increased stability.
  • Fungal Resistant, indigestible to micro-organisms and insects.
  • Does not warp or twist
  • Naturally more insulating, improved insulation in comparison to commonly used timber.
  • Substainably sourced


We offer a range of hardware from bar and lever handles to door knockers and letter plates that can also be coated to your desired finish.

Liquid Metal Front Entrance Doors Copper Patina Contemporary Entrance Door
Bronze Front Door & Handle

Renowned craftsmanship

Engineered and handcrafted in our workshops in Cornwall, these doors are innovative
in their construction. Our metal and stone doors are underpinned and constructed on a bonded and reinforced composite panel that
gives strength, rigidity and insulation, with independently tested lifespans of over 50 years.

Joinery Workshop
Bronze Front Entrance Door With LED Lighting

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