Glass Canopy

Overhead glass canopies are available in a range of designs and sizes, offering the required protection from the weather. Being glass they, therefore, maximise the light and openness yet don’t distract the eye from the aesthetics of a building.

Camel has extensive experience in designing and installing glass canopies.

We can offer bespoke glass canopies which are suitable for all domestic and commercial sectors including Leisure and retail.

The benefits of glass canopies include easy maintenance and longevity, therefore enabling you to use your outside space more effectively for many years to come.

Glass Canopies are easy to maintain and are designed to offer protection from the weather when leaving and entering a property whilst maintaining a contemporary look to a building's exterior.

Camel offers advice and complete design service with a full installation package.

clear glass canopy over door
A glass canopy not only offer protection from the rain but can also add a beautiful feature to your home or office. Especially attractive when combined to create a feature glass entrance door canopy. They can also create shelter for a seating area or create a glass covered walk way or entrance fascade.

commercial glass canopyClear Glass Canopy over door

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Safety is always paramount, consequently we always use a toughened laminate glass for all our canopy glazing. Likewise for further safety  we can offer Sentry glass interlays (SGP), this interlayer is much firmer and stronger than most other interlayers used in glass laminates used in glazing glass canopies.

Near frameless systems such as the wall only mounted and stainless steel tie rod glass canopies, normally project no more than 1200mm, for larger widths a more solid structural support structure is required.


Glass Canopy

We offer a wide range of glass canopy systems for you to choose from;

Rear wall mounted glazed canopies to create a frameless glass canopy solution. Stainless steel tie rod canopy systems. Angular wall brackets with point fixings. Framed steel canopies with point fixed glass roof, to name a few. We have a glazed glass roof canopy solution for you.

Glass CanopyImage
Glass canopies bring the outside of your home to life by providing a crisp and modern look. They also adorn properties with their sleek design, which will complement any architectural style.

For those looking to add a bit of flair and contemporary design, glass canopies are perfect. They not only offer shelter from rain or sun but also have an elegant appeal that would be hard for just about anyone not want!

The structural glass canopy is an elegant design that will not only protect the interior of your home, but also enhance its beauty with its invisibility.

There are many types of glass available on the market today. Some will have a greenish tint that can be seen in most float glasses, which is why Camel recommends using low-iron clear laminate to avoid this effect when you're looking for an incredibly clear finish
and colour clarity with your designs!

With their contemporary design, glass canopies are both stylish and functional. These structures offer beautifully designed shelters that don’t obstruct the sunlight while providing practicality for your home's living space.

The addition of a beautiful, lasting glass canopy is an excellent way for you to create both enhanced architectural design and give your property that special something.

A glass canopy can be used for privacy and light. There are many different types of glasses, like sand-blasted or decorative interlayers that will give you the look you want in your backyard without blocking visibility
The shading on these kinds of coverings makes them perfect if there's an overlooked entrance where people don't go often enough to need full sunlight constantly blocked by something tall like a tree branch