Glass Balustrade

So popular now in all domestic and commercial projects, we can offer every conceivable option to give the effect you are looking to achieve. Our Balustrade systems will transform any property whether frameless, point fixed or post and rail we can accommodate any style for your project.

An ever popular architectural glass feature, offering protection from falls, but also acting as privacy screens or wind breaks as well as an architectural feature.

We offer a wide range of glazing and balustrade solutions, to meet the required structural loading, drainage detail and installation method for the use and installation to your project

We offer solutions including post and rail balustrade in stainless steel and timber. Frameless glass balustrade which can be base rail or side fitted, glazing spigots and point fixed glass. All offer the cleanest lines and uninterrupted views. If cleverly designed offer no visible fixings. 

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Point Fixed Balustrade

Post & Rail Balustrade

Juliet Balcony

Generally frameless glass is a toughened laminate glass meeting the correct glass thickness for the structural integrity and loading. It can have tinted, coloured or obscure interlayers added. Or the option of toughened satin glass or sandblasted glass.


Curved glass balustrading can also be installed. Normally the curved glass is base secured within a resin filled base channel.

Great thought is required in the early stages on which system is the most appropriate for your project but most importantly how the system will be installed to offer the cleanest lines and frameless appearance. Moreover, how the installation will allow drainage, secure satisfactorily to the structure and not create any damp issues if fixing through water membranes.

Helping deign your balustrade and Juliet balcony feature.

At Camel, we understand design, aesthetics, practicality and cost need to come together in the concept of any project.

Most importantly by being evolved at the earliest stages of your project allows us to suggest options for consideration for drainage and secure installation onto the substrate, saving time and money at a later stage.

We can help to develop the concept in the most economical and exciting way and to produce a proposal that matches expectations as close as possible.

We encourage close working partnerships to ensure the satisfactory completion of a project.

We can offer installation requirements for domestic and commercial balustrade installations.

Camel provides base secured systems that can secure glass up to 2100mm in height, for privacy or protection.

So from line load requirements of 0.74 to 3.0kN/m, we have a glazing solution.

For ultimate protection we offer bullet proof balustrading, blast and bomb protective balustrading in a frameless, base secured glass channel installation, with no handrail.

Offering fall protection with a frameless glass installation, with no handrail or vertical posts.

These systems are typically a base Channel, spigot or point fixings.

Base fitted channel

Available in a range of base channel systems.

Chose the best option subject to your structural loading requirements, installation method and appearance.

Therefore consider; application, height of the glass, use of the building, access. For example, different channel options have one side fit, base or side secure, or different structural loading capabilities. As well as traditional resin fitted.

We offer adjustable glass. So each pane of glass can be aligned or even allow for their removal.

We can offer different glazing options to meet your requirements from low Iron for transparency, to coloured or obscure glazing for privacy screens, to blast resistant and bullet resistant glazing options. For glass thickness’s from 12mm toughened to 31.5mm toughened laminate glass.

For commercial balustrading or extra tall balustrading we recommend our Mega channel, which can secure up to a 31.5mm toughened Laminate glass to a height of 2100mm.

Curved toughened laminate glass can also be resin installed into curved glass channels to achieve a frameless curved glass balustrade.


These offer easy and quick installation, suitable for most domestic applications, offering improved drainage of your patio or decked area.

These are typically installed along the bottom edge of glass at 500mm centres, but can also be used along the sides and top of the glass. They can be countersunk and hidden to give clean lines and a frameless glass appearance.

Post and rail

Typically, available in stainless steel but also can be installed in timber if suitably structural. The toughened glass is normally secured onto the posts with D clamps. In the case of timber, the glass can also be rebated into the timber post, so no visible fixing is seen, offering clean sight lines and no handrail is required with the use of toughen laminate glass.