Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows from Camel Glass are designed for modern living and made to last.

Aluminium windows are Suitable for a range of building types and are often found on ‘Grand-Design’ type developments due to the flexibility and slim sight-lines for open large glass areas.
We offer a huge range of cost-effective solution such as Senior and Raynaers systems to a Crittal steel window replacement which mirrors the appearance and lines of steel but offers the benefits of a modern aluminium window. Schuco offers a vast range from the AWS65 to there AWS 110, These ranges offer unsurpassed thermal insulation with the capacity to manufacture oversized opening casements with the complete confidence of using a quality & trusted a brand.

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AWS 65

Ideal for large opening windows on grand design homes or for commercial applications, when part of a large sash they appear proportionally smaller

AWS 75

Schuco produce this window for the UK, where people require an opening out casement window. It offers terrific insulation with the potential for large opening casements. The system allows for side hung casements up to 1400mm wide and heights up to 2200mm, when fitted with butt hinges.

The system can be double or triple glazed in a range of glazing options, to achieve U values from 1.3 for double glazed to below 1.0 for triple glazed.

Block Tilt Turn Window

Schuco offer a range of tilt turn windows with the ability to create huge opening panels, the benefit of this Block window is that not only can we manufacture 2250mm high and a max width of 1550mm but in this block window the sash is completely hidden inside the outer frame, so if a stepped reveal is created then the whole of the frame is lost, creating a minimalist appearance with only the glass visible from the exterior of the building.

These large opening sizes also enable the tilt turn to be used as a door, while still having the tilt facility to give ventilation to a room.

Technical Information

Ideal for large opening windows on grand design homes or commercial applications, heavy profile compared to Smarts but when part of a large sash they appear proportionally smaller.

Energy saving Double or triple glazed options giving U values of 1.8 & 1.6 respectively.

Maximum sizes
Side Hung
Max width 1000
Max height 1600

Top hung
Max Width 2000
Max Height 1500

Handles – available in a range of colours and Schuco designs
Hinges- Schuco heavy friction or butt hinge.
Locking- Shoot-bolt or espagnolette.
Cill options 210, 180, 150, 125mmmm

Standard stocked profile are; RAL7016, External beaded flat square profiles, Square 28mm bead, Intermediate outer frame, there are other profiles available on extended lead time. Maximum sizes Side Hung Max width 800mm Max height 400mm Top hung Max Width 1200 Max Height 1350 Insulation

U value double glazed (eco+) 1.60

U value triple glazed (2x eco+) 1.12

Weather rating

Air tightness (air escaping) 4 (600PA)

Water tightness E120 (1200PA)

Wind load resistance C5 (2000PA)

Acoustic 47 (-2-7Db)

Pas24 Yes

Alitherm 600 Heritage

Technical Information

Designed to have similar profile sections as that of a traditional steel window, yet with the benefit of double glazing, a thermal break and a much lower cost. Limited on opening casement size.

Maximum sizes limited by its slim sightlines and profile sections.
Side Hung
Max width 600
Max height 1400

Top hung
Max Width 1200
Max Height 1400

Energy efficiency Suitable for double glazing only. With a 1.6W/m2K.
Handles – available in a range of colours
Hinges- Standard friction, easy clean, egress fire escape, Restrictor hinges.